The last job
It's been a long time since Gustav had a problem with a lock. During his sixty-year career, he had never experienced such a complicated lock. New technology in security was invented all the time. New alarms and new monitoring methods. But the locks had not changed much. All locks were built on the same several hundred year old technology. So why did he have a problem with this particular lock?
January 14th to February 12th, 2022, I participated in Michelle Khare's "Challenge Accepted Academy". All participants chose a challenge that would be completed in 30 days. I chose to write my very first short story.

This is the result of that challenge.
Disclaimer: I wrote this short story in Swedish. This is a very rough translation for my international friends. Do not judge the writing quality based on this translation. I basically just ran it through Google Translate and corrected the worst mistakes.
The last job.pdf